POP 3 3D High-Precision Scanner The Handheld 3D Scanner with Color Scans – STANDARD EDITION

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POP 3 is the next-gen 3D scanner from the POP series with new and improved hardware, design, and usability. The improvements in POP 3's capabilities make capturing 3D scans for 3D printing, 3D animation, reverse engineering, healthcare, product design, digitizing historical items, VR/AR, and more even easier.

Comprehensive upgrade, quality improvement

Introducing the Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner, the latest addition to thePOP series.With enhanced hardware, design, and usability, the POP 3offers improved capabilities for capturing 3D scans for 3D printing, 3Danimation, reverse engineering, product designs, digitizing historicaartifacts,VR/AR,and more.

Time-Saving Accuracy

Eliminate the need to manually measure objects by consistently and efficiently capturing accurate and detailed 3D models at fast scanning speeds between 12 to 18fps with a single-frame precision of up to 0.05mm and 0.05mm point distance.

Precision in Motion

Enjoy a seamless tracking and frame stitching experience with POP 3’s 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) continuously measuring the scanner’s movement. At the same time, an advanced algorithm eliminates faulty frames caused by sudden movement or shaking.

Streamlined Controls

POP 3’s new design is built around optimizing the scanning experience. With the addition of three touch-sensitive buttons to Start/Pause scans and adjust the depth camera's exposure on the fly.

Energized Connectivity

Powered by Wi-Fi 6, POP 3 can transfer data nearly three times faster than POP 2 for lower latency and smoother mobile scanning. And a new Type-C USB connector for compatibility with your other cables and faster to set up.

Revo Scan

Revo Scan (compatible with Windows,
macOS,Android, and iOS) is a freeeasy-to-use scanning and editing software designed to streamline yourworkflows. And supports three file formats: STL, PLY, and OBJ, for compatibilitywith most mainstream 3D modeling and slicing software.

Game Design

lmmerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you effortlessly create lifelikefull-color 3D models of real-world objects. Whether you're designing charactersor props, POP 3 offers unparalleled precision, enabling you to build immersiveand visually stunning games.


Capture face and body data to perform pre-and post-operation diagnosis.create customized healthcare solutions, and plan plastic and restorative surgery.

Restoration and Preservation

Revolutionize historical restoration with POP 3. Capture exquisite detail ofartifacts with unmatched precision. Restore and preserve ancient treasures likenever before by digitally recreating missing or damaged parts. Our technologyserves as a digital archive, safeguarding the legacy of historical objects for futuregenerations.

For Fun

Who says 3D scanning is all work and no play? Have some fun shrinking yourfavorite objects into cute 3D-printed models, creating great cosplay outfits, orhelping your kids ace their school projects with ease!

Scanning Notes for Special objects

1.Transparent, Shiny, or Dark Objects Like most 3D scanners, the POP 3 will struggle to scantransparent, reflective, or black objects without firsttreating the object's surface with scanning spray, babypowder, or dry shampoo.
2.Scanning Objects with Plain Surfaces Scanning objects with simple geometric features, like afootball or wine bottle, requires using Marker stickers ormarker points and scanning in Marker Mode.

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