CREALITY K1C 3D Printer Carbon Fiber Filled All-Metal Extruder 600mm/s Max Printing Speed AI Camera

Price: 1,497.50 - 599.00

CREALITY K1C 3D Printer Carbon Fiber Filled All-Metal Extruder 600mm/s Max Printing Speed AI Camera

Product Description:

Printing Technology FDM

Build Volume 220x220x250mm

Product Dimensions 355x355x482mm

Package Dimensions 428*428*567mm

Net Weight 12.4kg

Gross Weight 16Kg

Printing Speed ≤600mm/s

Acceleration ≤20000mm/s²

Printing Accuracy 100±0.1mm

Layer Height 0.1-0.35mm

Nozzle Temperature ≤300℃

Build Surface : PEI Flexible build plate

Leveling Mode Hands-free auto leveling

File Transfer USB drive,WiFi

AI Camera Yes  ;                      AI LiDAR : Yes

Power Loss Recovery Yes  ;      Filament Runout Sensor Yes

Air Purifier Yes   ;                     Input Shaping Yes

Lighting kit Yes   ;                     Sleep Mode Yes

UI Languages Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Japanese


Progresses Towards a Perfect 3D Printer

Reliable Extrusion : All-metalExtruder Kit

Easy Maintenance : Quick-swapTri-metal Nozzle

High Efficiency 600mm/s Max Printing Speed

Intelligence : Observant AI Camera

Wide Uses : Carbon Fiber Filled Filaments Supported

Product Photos:

Clog-free Extruder Kit with
Quick-Swap Nozzle
Ist print, 2nd print, until you lose count.K1C always has your back.
All-metal Extruder , Enhanced Reliability
The extruder of K1C is enhanced witha bolster spring and a ball plunger.It grips on filament tightly without slackening off.
Tri-metal"Unicorn"NozzleQuick to Swap
The durable steel-tipped copper nozzleis integrated with a titanium alloy heatbreak.It blocks heatcreep and can be swapped super easily.
Cooling Trio, Refining the Print Quality
Ist: Hotend Fanfor Minimal Heat CreepHardly any heat creeping upfrom hotend to extruder.It avoids pre-maturefilament melting frommessing the feeding flow.
2nd: Part Cooling Fanfor Instant HardeningA strong wind hardensthe fresh extrusionvia a special air ductlt catalyzes layer bondingand refines layer texture.
3rd: Auxiliary Fanfor Overall Print QualityAn extra fan is on the chamber's sideto assist the model cooling.t minimizes string and warping for bridges and overhangs.
Carbon Fiber Filled Filaments Brought into Play
Why does K1C support so may filaments?
300°Hotend + Hardened Steel Nozzle TipGoing well with high-tempand wear-resistant filaments
PEI Flexible Plate Sticky to various materialsable to release 3D modelswith a slight bend.
Enclosed Design Creating a constantly high-temp environment toforge stronger prints.
Jigs & fixtures prototypes, parts, etc.PLA-CF/PET-CF
Amazing mechanical strength and dimensional stability
Carefree & Smart Operations from Start to Finish
Highly automated except for a few tap K1C is simple to use just like asmartphonc
Out of the Box Experience
Auto Calibration with One Tap
Give it a tap and walk away.The auto calibration gets everything ready for you.Bid farewell to the frustrating leveling test with paper
Al Camera Acts as Your Eyes
The built-in Al camera can watch over the printing.and will actively alert you when an error occurs*.Also great for video monitoring and time-lapse filming
Spaghetti Detection ; Foreign Object Detection
Time-lapse Filming ; Video Monitoring
Solid Frame UsingDie Cast Parts
The frame adopts bigger partsmade by integrated die castingWith fewer seams, it looks neatand becomes utterly sturdy.
Glass Sides andTransparent Lid
The glass sides and acrylic lidform a stylish thermal enclosure.They are transparent to reveal
what's going on inside
Pleasant Air While Printing
KIC employs an active carbon filter to purifycompounds and particles arising from molten filamentsBe reassured to stay day and night with itin the same space.
Open-source Creality oSBased on Klipper
Creality OS enables many advanced functionssuch as linear advance and input shaping.You can customize it or join the open-source communityto explore more.

Creality Print,More Than Just a Slicer

It features smart cooling, optimal retraction, slim supports

and allows users to manage a 3D print farm efficently

Also, for the first time it integrates

a readily accessible 3D model library.

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