JGMAKER Used/UNKNOW condition Magic FDM 3D Printer Diy Kit, Filament Sensor, High Precision, Fast Assembly, Open Source,

Price: 89.00

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Large printing size:Building volume is up to 220x220x250mm, will be enough for normal diy purpose

Industrial grade silicone wire:Features an aviation-grade aluminum profile, all-metal base and a built in power supply to ensure safety and longevity of the printer

Filament RUN-OUT detection:it will detect this and pause your print so you can fit a new spool of filament and resume the print, saving you from failed print disaster!

Power failure detection:Resume printing from where the last print was stopped due to power failure,one click to continue and no longer to worry about long time prints.

SD card hot plugin:If for any reason you happen to remove the SD Card during the printing process, you can continue printing by reinserting the SD card.

Right Filament Holder:Convenient to refill or change the filament, and it is more stable for feeding

Sturdy metal base:The bottom of the machine is a sturdy metal base and enclosure. The additional weight at the bottom of the machine remains its stability that provides a safe place for key electrical components.

Removable build platform:It ensures your prints adhere to hotbed while printing and are easy to remove when complete

Easy to assemble:It comes with pre-assemble status, you can typically complete everything within 20 minute

Dual Y Axis Rod:The printing platform can be evenly stressed so that the printing process is more stable and accurate



3D Technology:FDM

Printing Speed:10-100mm/s


Filament Diameter:1.75mm

Printing Accuracy:0.05~0.30mm

Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm

Build Size:220*220*250mm

Printing Method:SD card/USB Cabel

XY Position Accuracy:0.011mm

Z Position Accuracy:0.0025mm

Supported File:STL、OBJ、G-Code

Slice Software:Cura/Simplify3d/JGcreat

Hotbed Temp.:Room temp. -110℃

Operation Condition:Temp. 5~40℃,Humidity 20~50%

Software Language:English

Device Weight:8kg

Packing Weight:9.5kg


3D Design Software:PRO/E/3DMAX/Solidworks/UG/Geomagic/Zbrush/Catia

Maintenance: Provide lifelong consulting service and maintenance in charge. 7*13.5 online working.

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