KINGROON KLP1 Fastest FDM 3D Printer Max 500mm/s Printing Speed CoreXY 3.5\

Price: 512.86 - 303.24


Fastest FDM 3D Printer

*KLP1 has max 500m/s printing speed & 20000mm/s2 acceleration.
The build-in ADXL345 module ensures you high-quality print under fast print speed
The regular mode printing speed is 250~350mm/s

Upgrade 4.Dual-gear Direct Extruder

*All metal 5:1 gear ratio direct extruder has 5015 turbofan with 8000 RPM , means powerful and
Better cooling system.
*New ceramic heating ring , quickly heat up to 200℃ in 30 second ;

36 Point Auto-leveling

KLP1 support 36 point Auto-leveling, with it's new bed structure .

CoreXY Structure & Linear Rail Guides

KLP1 is CoreXY 3D Printer with linear guides , which makes the printer accurate, fast and
Durable during fast movement

PEI Spring Steel Build Plate

The printing platform adopts PEI steel , which has the characteristics of wear resistance ,
Drop resistance and bending resistance , After printing is completed simply fold and take out
The mold

Easy Access with Multi Interface Options

With internet connection , any screen can be printer screen , you can control anyhow, anytime
And anywhere

Upgrade 3.5 inch Control Screen

New upgrade 3.5 inch touch control screen , and support many language include English/Korean/Russian/German/Spanish/French/Japanese etc.

【Vibration compensation function 】
Reduce printer vibration and shaking through resonance compensation algorithm
Greatly improved model quality during rapid printing process

【Flow calibration function 】
Realize more accurate extrusion pressure by judging the trend of printing speed adjusting to
Make the printed model surface smoother and reduce non extrusion movement .
Overflow during the process reduces protrusions and corner shrinkage during turns

KINGROON KLP1 Fastest FDM 3D Printer Max 500mm/s Printing Speed CoreXY 3.5" Touch Screen Dual Gear Extruder 3dprinter

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