LONGER LK4 X FDM 3D Printer Direct Dual-gear Extruder PEI Magnetic Platform Auto-Leveling 4.3” Touchscreen Silent Motherboard

Price: 381.67 - 229.00

【LONGER LK4 X 3D Printer】 Come with building size of 8.66"*8.66"*9.84" (220x220x250mm) is sufficient for daily use, and lower power consumption reduces energy using. And 95% Pre-assembled, only 6 steps to complete the assembly.
【3D Touch Auto-Levelling】Longer LK4 X 3d printer equipped with 16-point precision leveling to ensure the correct distance between the platform and nozzles. And saves you time by eliminating the negative effects of a warped print bed, including clogged nozzles, model scratches, or poor adhesion.
【Proximal Extruder】Longer L4 X adopts a self-developed direct-drive extruder, which can better control the filament motion, extrude reliably, retract accurately, and with less motor power. Compatible with PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU flexible filaments.
【Silent Open Source Motherboard】Longer LK4 X the brand new 32-bit motherboard is equipped with 4 ultra-quiet drivers, and the low noise during operation is less than 50dB, allowing you to enjoy the fun of silent printing. With open-source firmware, you can try your fantastic ideas on LK4 X by changing the G code.
【Removable PEI Magnetic Platform】1. Easy to use: Peel off the protective layer of the bottom tape, glue the magnetic base on the heat bed, the flexible stainless platform can be easily attached and removed, without clips to hold it in place. 2. Easy Mold pickup: Prints come off the surface easily when the temperature of the heated bed reaches room temperature. If the print is still stuck, gentle flexing of the plate will help remove it.
【Dual Blower Kit】The LONGER LK4 X 3D Printer use the newly upgraded cooling fans – dual blower kit which can promote quick cooling on the extruded filament, improves the quality of printing, have strong power on the cooling nozzle to get a better and smooth surface of model.

Model: LK4 X

Working Area: 220x220x250mm(8.66"x8.66"x9.84") 
Printing speed: ≤180mm/s
Printing accuracy: ±0.1mm
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Support filaments: PLA/TPU/ABS/ PETG/Wood

Direct drive extruder: Direct drive extruder 
Auto leveling: Yes
Filament Detector: Yes
Resume Printing: Yes

Hot bed: PEI Flexible Steel 
Motherboard: 32-Bit Open Source & Silent Motherboard
Connection method: TF card or USB
Hot bed Temperature: ≤100°C
Nozzle Temperature: ≤250°C
Rated power: 320W
Voltage: 110-220V
Plug: US/EU(Optional)
Printer Dimension: 485x465x615mm
Package Size: 540x525x265mm/21.2×20.6×10.4in
Package Weight: 9.78KG/21.56lb

Packing List:
1 x LK4 X FDM 3D Printer Kit

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