Nikki Haley’s Road to the White House Just Got a Lot Harder

Former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the South Carolina primary against Nikki Haley in her home state. The upcoming Super Tuesday on March 5 with 16 primaries and caucuses is crucial, and if Trump continues his winning streak as anticipated, he could secure the GOP nomination by March 12.

Haley, the last major candidate standing against Trump after Ron DeSantis dropped out in January, faces an uphill battle in her quest for the nomination. With South Carolina’s Republican delegates not bound to a specific candidate post-primary, the path to estimating delegate counts is challenging.

The 16 upcoming primaries and caucuses on March 5 will be a make-or-break moment for Haley, as 874 delegates will be up for grabs. Trump’s campaign is confident in his continued success and predicts Haley’s downfall on Super Tuesday.

If Trump crosses the majority threshold on March 12, Haley’s chances of becoming the Republican nominee will diminish unless unforeseen circumstances arise, such as a criminal conviction for Trump before the Republican National Convention in July.

The uncertainty surrounding Haley’s campaign is palpable, especially with the Republican National Committee’s authority to alter convention rules at any time. With Trump’s daughter-in-law poised for a prominent role in the party, the odds may not be in Haley’s favor, given her history of criticizing Trump on the campaign trail.

Despite the challenges, Haley technically still has a chance to secure the nomination, albeit a daunting one.

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