Apple Really Doesn’t Like Being Told What to Do

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, is not against Apple, despite his frequent criticisms of the company. In fact, he has acknowledged Apple’s ability to create great products when focused on that goal. However, it seems that Apple is not particularly fond of Sweeney.

Recently, Apple banned Epic Games’ developer account from its App Store, citing Sweeney’s public criticisms of the company as a reason for doing so. This move came as Apple worked to comply with Europe’s new Digital Markets Act, which required changes to the App Store to allow for more competition and reduce the 30% commission charge.

Sweeney has been vocal about Apple’s compliance efforts, calling them “hot garbage” and a “horror show.” Despite these criticisms, Epic Games still applied for a developer account to create its own store on Apple’s platform. However, Apple terminated this account, claiming that Epic had violated contractual agreements and was not willing to follow App Store rules.

Apple’s decision to ban Epic Games has sparked controversy in the tech industry, with many questioning Apple’s motives. Some, like Paul Graham, have expressed concerns about Apple’s growing power and its willingness to silence critics. Gergely Orosz highlighted Apple’s behavior as a concerning trend, likening it to a bully.

European lawmakers have also taken notice of Apple’s actions and are seeking further explanations. Epic Games believes that Apple is retaliating against them for speaking out against unfair practices, a sentiment echoed by some in the industry.

Overall, the conflict between Apple and Epic Games highlights the power dynamics at play in the tech industry and raises questions about how companies like Apple handle criticism and competition.

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