Google Analytics 4 bug causes data gaps in reports

Hey there, fellow marketers! We’ve got some concerning news for those who rely on Google Analytics 4 for their data reporting. It seems that a bug is causing data gaps in the User Acquisition and Traffic Acquisition reports.

According to user reports, data prior to September 6 is mysteriously missing from these reports, despite being in place for at least two years prior. This is obviously a cause for concern, especially when it comes to analyzing historical data and making informed decisions for your marketing strategies.

The issue has been brought to light in the Google Analytics Help Center, where a screenshot was shared showing the missing data. And it’s not just one person – 15 others have confirmed that they are experiencing the same problem.

Now, the good news is that a bug report has been submitted to Google through their Issue Tracker. So, while your data may be temporarily unavailable in these specific reports, it’s not lost forever. In the meantime, you can still generate reports on traffic using Exploration reports or Standard reports, using different dimensions such as source/medium.

As for what Google has to say about this issue, well, they haven’t responded to inquiries yet. But for those who want to delve deeper into this matter, the full thread on the Google Analytics Help Center is available for more information.

Hopefully, this bug will be resolved swiftly, and we can all get back to analyzing our data without any hiccups. In the meantime, if you rely on Google Analytics 4 for your daily insights, stay tuned for updates on this issue.

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