Google Ads API version 16 is launching

Google Ads API version 16 has been announced by Google. In order to access all of its features, you will need to update your client libraries and code. Look out for the updated client libraries and code examples which are set to be released next week.

Google Ads v16 brings new tools and capabilities to help you better monitor campaign performance and make data-led decisions to improve optimization efficiency.

Some of the new features available through the updated Google Ads system include recommendations based on specified settings, insights into why an ad group or ad group ad is serving or not serving, the ability to apply changes made to the original campaign to the experiment campaign while the experiment is running, updated operation types for customer life cycle goals and campaign life cycle goals, and additional support for tracking the progress of the business registration verification process of Local Services.

To find out more information on this topic, read Google’s blog post in full:

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