This Time is not Different: The Facebook Era is not Over

So I recently came across an article titled “The Facebook Era is Over” which makes a case for the decline of Facebook. The author points to several trends that may diminish Facebook’s dominance. But, I have to say, I don’t completely agree with the arguments presented in the article.

For example, the article mentions how private messaging apps have existed for the entirety of Facebook’s existence and that Facebook has countered this by buying the biggest and copying features of the most innovative. This strategy seems to be working fine for them. Also, the rise of vertical social networks has been perceived as a threat, but Facebook has responded by becoming a generic vertical platform and going after dedicated verticals like Events & Marketplace with Dating on the way.

Furthermore, the article talks about how niche creators are complaining about Facebook, yet many of them are turning to Instagram to build their following, which is actually a Facebook product. The author seems to bet that Instagram will eventually win the battle against Twitter when it comes to being a better place to build a following.

In conclusion, the idea of the Facebook era coming to an end may be premature. Facebook seems to be adapting to the changes in social media and is still a dominant force in the industry.

And before I go, here’s a great tune I’m currently jamming to: Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode”. Check it out!

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