Bing Webmaster Tools gains new IndexNow Insights & top SEO insights report

Microsoft has introduced new updates to Bing Webmaster Tools, offering valuable insights and reports to boost your website’s performance on Bing and other search engines. The new IndexNow Insights report not only showcases the URLs submitted with IndexNow but also includes top SEO issues. Fabrice Canel, Microsoft Bing’s Principal Product Manager, unveiled these updates at PubCon and shared the news on the Bing blog.

The IndexNow Insights report provides actionable insights on submitted URLs, offering top-level metrics and detailed reports. It not only displays URLs submitted in the past 24 hours but also includes trends and other insights. The report also highlights URLs discovered through crawling or alternative methods.

The latest version of the IndexNow report includes features like identifying crawled URL issues, detailed reports on submitted URLs, insights into source of URL submissions, and more. Additionally, the “Important URLs Missing” tab highlights newly discovered links not visible in IndexNow. Detailed information on errors and methods to get URLs indexed are also provided.

The Top SEO Insights report now offers a curated list of top SEO issues on Bing Webmaster Tools, focusing on personalized recommendations for website optimization. This includes content quality checks, indexing coverage improvements, progress tracking, and tips on optimizing structured data and backlinks.

Microsoft has updated the Bing Webmaster Tools navigation, removing the SEO section and incorporating those items into the main section. The new navigation bar streamlines the tool’s usability by adjusting based on user preferences.

It is essential to explore IndexNow’s benefits for your website. If you are using Cloudflare, activating IndexNow is a simple toggle switch away. Make sure to leverage the new tools within Bing Webmaster Tools to enhance your website performance.

IndexNow facilitates instant communication with search engines regarding website content changes. By following a simple protocol, websites can efficiently notify search engines about new, updated, or deleted content. The collaboration on IndexNow between Microsoft Bing and Yandex officially launched in January 2022. The protocol involves creating a key on the server and submitting URLs to participating search engines to reflect changes in search results quickly.

By following a few straightforward steps like generating a key and hosting it on your server, websites can start submitting URLs for indexing changes. The process involves sending an HTTP request containing the URL and key to notify participating search engines. Detailed instructions on using IndexNow can be found on the Microsoft Bing IndexNow site or the IndexNow protocol website.

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