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‘SNL’ tackles the bizarre ‘Dune: Part Two’ popcorn bucket

The popcorn bucket design for “Dune: Part Two” has been the subject of ridicule and memes recently. Even the popular show “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t resist poking fun at it by creating a humorous song.

During a sketch on the show, Marcello Hernández played the role of a seemingly innocent teenage boy planning to spend some “quality time” with a popcorn bucket. To add to the hilarity, host Ayo Edebiri joined in and sang about being a popcorn bucket lover to her parents. The sketch concluded with the duo belting out the catchy yet absurd line, “Eating popcorn out of my bucket, then I take it home and love it.”

The comical take on the popcorn bucket controversy provided some much-needed laughter and entertainment. It’s clear that the unusual design has everyone talking, even the cast of “Saturday Night Live”.

After an onslaught of memes about the suspect design of the Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket, Saturday Night Live wrote a song about it.

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