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SNL brings out Nikki Haley in its cold open

This week’s surprise guest on SNL’s cold open was Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. The skit poked fun at Donald Trump’s South Carolina Town Hall, with James Austin Johnson returning as his impression of the former president and current presidential candidate. Towards the end, Haley, disguised as a South Carolina voter, stood up and questioned why Trump wouldn’t debate her.

In response, Trump mistakenly identified her as Nancy Pelosi, the woman in charge of security on Jan. 6. Then, the host of Saturday Night Live, Ayo Edebiri, asked Haley a pointed question about the main cause of the Civil War, which allowed her to correct her previous statement from December of last year.

In that previous statement, Haley had claimed the role of government as the cause of the Civil War. In a redo, she admitted that she should have acknowledged the issue of slavery as the main cause. The skit thus provided a comical opportunity for Haley to address and rectify her previous stance on the topic.

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