New Google structured data carousels (beta)

Google has introduced new search developer documentation for structured data carousels (beta). This new documentation can be found here and is available under the “early adopters program.” The structured data is designed for a new carousel rich result that allows users to scroll horizontally to view more entities from a specific site, also known as a host carousel.

The new carousel beta is primarily suitable for hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, products, and events. Each tile in the carousel may display information such as price, rating, and images from your site about the entities on the page.

This new feature within Google Search looks like this:

[Image of New Carousel Rich Result]

In addition to the general Google guidelines, there are specific guidelines for this carousel feature. These guidelines include the allowance of generic types and additional fields, although they may not appear in the rich result.

If you are interested in implementing this beta carousel for your local business, product, or event website, it could potentially increase your visibility in search results and improve your click-through rate. However, it is essential to implement the structured data correctly and monitor the results to determine its effectiveness.

For more technical information, code examples, and troubleshooting help, you can visit the documentation provided by Google here.

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