“Nigerians always fall for pity card” Lord Lamba says as he sues Queen Mercy Atang for custody of their daughter because he can’t allow another man raise his child

Lord Lamba is taking legal action to gain custody of his daughter from Queen Mercy Atang following her engagement. He expressed his desire to raise his daughter himself and not have another man do so. Lord Lamba believes that with Mercy getting married, she will not be able to give their daughter the care she deserves, and thus, his mother and sister would be better suited to care for the child.

The situation unfolded after Lord Lamba publicly acknowledged his daughter for the first time, coinciding with Queen Mercy Atang’s announcement of her engagement to David, a UK-based biomedical scientist. Lord Lamba even shared his daughter’s passport online, revealing her surname which is a combination of his own name and surname.

Many Nigerians criticized Lord Lamba for only acknowledging his daughter after another man became involved with Queen Mercy Atang. In response, Lord Lamba posted on his Instagram Stories, stating, “I know Nigerians always fall for pity card.”

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