Google will sunset commission bid strategies for hotel ads

In October, Google Ads will phase out commissions (per stay) and commissions (per conversion) bid strategies for hotel ads. Instead, the platform is introducing the target Return on Ads Spend (tROAS) for hotel campaigns and expanding Performance Max for travel goals as alternative bid strategies. Advertisers will need to shift bid strategies before the sunset date to avoid disruptions. Commissions (per stay) is a bidding strategy specifically designed for hotel campaigns where partners are billed only when a guest’s stay has been completed. Commissions (per conversions) is a payment model designed for hotel bookings where you are charged only when a traveler successfully books your hotel. Google recommends exploring alternative bid strategies, such as tROAS for hotel campaigns or Performance Max for travel goals, in preparation. Google assures in Michael Trauttmansdorff’s statement that a bidding strategy anchored in AI will make it easier to market at the speed of consumers and provide guidance along the way. For further information, you can read Google’s announcement in full.

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