Google pilots new PPC ad format

Google is currently testing a new PPC ad format, but there are still many unknown details about it such as the official name, functionality, impact on auction dynamics, and effects on metrics. This lack of information has led to criticism from advertisers.

The new ad format was first brought to light by Anthony Higman, CEO of Adsquire, who shared a preview on Twitter. He raised concerns about the lack of transparency from Google regarding these new ads and how they are being rolled out without proper explanation of their implications.

Melissa Mackey from Compound Growth Marketing also expressed her frustrations about the new ad format and the lack of information provided. She criticized the format and highlighted the challenges it poses for clients who rely on LSAs.

The biggest issue surrounding the new ad format is the lack of clarity on costs and metrics, making it challenging for advertisers to monitor and optimize their campaigns effectively. Google has confirmed that the new ad format is still in the experimental phase, with no concrete plans for a full launch yet.

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