Delta Flight Makes U-Turn After Maggots Fall on Passenger From Overhead Bin

A Delta flight had to make a U-turn after maggots fell from a passenger’s suitcase onto another traveler, causing quite a commotion. The incident took place on Delta Flight DL133 from Amsterdam to Detroit and resulted in the plane turning back an hour after takeoff. Philip Schotte, a passenger on the flight, witnessed the maggots dropping from a suitcase in the overhead compartment onto another passenger, who was understandably distressed by the situation. The flight attendants located the source of the infestation, which turned out to be a rotten fish in a passenger’s suitcase. The flight was eventually diverted back to Amsterdam, and the passenger who claimed the fish as their own was detained by authorities. Passengers who were delayed because of the incident received compensation from the airline, including accommodations, meal tickets, and air miles. A Delta spokesperson later confirmed that the incident was caused by an “improperly packed carry-on bag.” This unusual incident fits a pattern of flights being disrupted due to various safety hazards and medical issues onboard, with examples ranging from a passenger with diarrhea grounding a flight to a portable battery pack catching fire.

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