Article complaining about being outranked on Google being outranked by Reddit

Small publishers are struggling to rank higher in Google search results, even when the content they produce is far superior than larger, well-known publishers. The irony of the situation is visible in a recent incident where Reddit out-ranked a smaller publisher’s article, even as the Reddit post linked directly to the original source. This is indicative of a broader issue with the community feeling of small publishers being overshadowed by their larger competitors.

Housefresh Outranked By Reddit

The complaints about large publishers outranking the smaller ones are not new. Google has been hearing these complaints for quite some time, with former Googler Matt Cutts even addressing it a decade ago. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, has acknowledged the problem and expressed a desire for Google to do more to ensure a better diversity of results that includes both small and large publications. He has stated that Google should reward the best content, regardless of a site size, and expressed hope that the search engine would get better in this regard.

However, despite Google’s promises, small publishers are still struggling to have their voices heard in search results. They continue to wait with hope, expecting that Google will eventually make good on its commitment to providing a more diverse set of search results that are inclusive of smaller publishers. The struggle over search engine positioning is akin to a small home improvement store competing with a large chain, like Home Depot. While it may be achievable, it is certainly not easy.

Many small publishers are looking forward to Google’s next search algorithm update in the hope that it will address some of their complaints. However, there is uncertainty about whether Google will actually deliver on its promises and, more importantly, whether it really wants to change the status quo. Therefore, smaller publishers remain in a state of waiting and hoping that Google’s future updates will bring some resolution to their challenges.

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