5 Questions Answered About The OpenAI Search Engine

OpenAI is reportedly working on a new search engine, which is said to rival Google. The report, however, does not provide enough details, leading to speculation about whether OpenAI is creating its own stand-alone search engine or if there’s a different motive behind the announcement.

The report, published by The Information, reveals that OpenAI’s upcoming web search product will directly compete with Google, powered in part by Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. But beyond this crucial detail, it’s unclear whether the search engine will operate independently or be integrated into ChatGPT.

Despite plans for OpenAI to challenge Google, it appears that the company is actually using Bing as part of the new search engine, combining GPT-4 with Bing Search and an orchestration layer. Microsoft’s Bing Chat utilizes retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to enhance responses by incorporating web search data, which raises questions about what OpenAI can offer that sets it apart from Bing.

Despite ChatGPT’s rapid growth, OpenAI will need to make significant strides to challenge Google, which has billions of users worldwide. Google and Apple have established a strong presence in users’ daily lives, making it difficult for OpenAI to compete without a compelling reason for users to switch search engines.

Moreover, OpenAI has not released any research papers or patents related to information retrieval, suggesting that the company’s expertise in this area is lacking. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been conducting extensive research on using large language models as part of a search engine, raising the possibility that OpenAI’s search engine project may actually be a Microsoft initiative.

The timing of the OpenAI search engine rumor closely coincides with Google’s announcements about its Gemini 1.5 and Gemini Advanced updates, leading to speculation that the rumor was strategically leaked to overshadow Google’s news.

In conclusion, the future of OpenAI’s search engine remains uncertain.


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