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AI solutions and New data in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability help move organizations from pledges to progress 

AI solutions and New data in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability help move organizations from pledges to progress

In today’s world, global sustainability is more important than ever. Yet, many organizations struggle to make real progress in this area. According to a report, 85% of executives see sustainability as a strategic priority, but only 16% have actually integrated it into their business strategies.

To help businesses move forward on their sustainability journey, Microsoft is introducing new data and AI solutions in the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. These solutions are designed to provide faster environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data analytics and insights. This includes an AI assistant to accelerate decision-making, advanced capabilities to drive progress, and more.

Microsoft Fabric, an end-to-end, analytics SaaS platform unveiled in May 2023, brings together an organization’s enterprise data, including ESG data not previously accessible. This platform enables teams to connect to data from anywhere, utilize AI-powered analytics tools, and embed insights in their everyday applications.

The sustainability data solutions in Microsoft Fabric allow organizations to speed up their time to insights and sustainability progress by providing out-of-the-box ESG data model, connectors, and reporting. By connecting ESG data with Microsoft Fabric, organizations can turn volumes of sustainability data into meaningful insights.

With the introduction of Copilot and intelligent insights, organizations can use powerful generative AI and natural language queries to gain faster access to and answers from data. Microsoft’s sustainability manager, in partnership with AI capabilities, has increased the efficiency and productivity of many organizations, including Södra, Sweden’s largest forest-owner association.

ESG value chain solution in Microsoft Sustainability Manager is now generally available, allowing organizations to simplify data collection and run advanced analytics on ESG value chain data.

Through the use of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, organizations can drive businesses toward new growth opportunities, translating sustainability actions into new business models and growth.

Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability is designed to be extensible by partners, enabling the development of capabilities addressing the broad, multifaceted, and complex challenges in sustainability.

At the crossroads of sustainability and AI, the potential for organizations to refocus businesses around transforming operations, reinventing brands, and exploring new business opportunities is vast. Microsoft AI delivers on this potential with a responsible approach to AI based on robust evaluation, verification, and validation.

Overall, these solutions are designed to help organizations gain efficiency and accuracy in decision-making and reporting, representing a shared path to a transformative future.

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