Voters Face 2 Deeply Compromised Candidates With Questions About Biden’s Memory

The 2024 presidential campaign gives voters two options to choose from: a 77-year-old man burdened with 91 felony charges (which he denies) and an 81-year-old man accused of memory issues by special counsel Robert K. Hur. The report declared that prosecutors won’t file charges related to President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents – good news for President Joe Biden.

However, the bad news for Biden is that the report calls into question his mental acuity, addressing one of the main concerns voters have about Biden. Special counsel Hur’s report includes allegations that Biden forgot what year he was vice president or when his son Beau died during interviews with prosecutors.

Shortly after the report was announced, Donald Trump shared an article on Truth Social with a headline about Biden’s apparent forgetfulness in his interviews, raising concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness, adding to voters’ apprehensions for the 2024 election.

Both Biden and Trump come with baggage, according to voters, who dread a second Biden-Trump matchup. For Biden, voters question his performance and age, while Trump’s supporters are apprehensive of another four years with a divisive president along with his legal troubles. Laden with over 90 felony counts, if found guilty, Trump could face prison time.

An NBC News poll found that 76% of voters had major or moderate concerns about Biden’s age, while 51% of voters had major concerns about Trump’s legal battles. Politics experts say that criminal charges are much more of a liability than accusations of memory loss.

Overall, the special counsel report raises critical questions about the 2024 election, forcing Biden’s campaign to defend his mental acuity, according to experts.

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