Visitors Kayak in Temporary Death Valley Lake

Death Valley National Park, known as one of the driest places on Earth, recently experienced heavy rainfall, creating a temporary lake that allowed travelers a unique opportunity for a swim. This surprising event occurred at Badwater Basin, situated at 282 feet below sea level, making it the lowest point in North America. Badwater Basin was once the location of Lake Manly thousands of years ago before it evaporated, as reported by the National Park Services.

Park Ranger Nichole Andler mentioned to the Associated Press that the recent rainfall in Badwater Basin over the past six months has been double the usual yearly amount, resulting in an unusual collection of water. She estimated that the lake would most likely last until April, possibly until May, before drying out into the striking white salt flats that it is known for. Hundreds of curious tourists have flocked to see this rare temporary lake, including Heather and Bob Gang, who even tried kayaking on the lake.

Although this lake is a fun attraction, scientists like Guo Yu, an assistant research professor of hydrometeorology at the Desert Research Institute, see it as a simple natural phenomenon that could be studied for potential further use of the water in Lake Manly. Tiffany Pereira, an associate research scientist at the Desert Research Institute, mentioned that the excess water could benefit the local flora and fauna in the area.

The recent heavy rainfall in Southern California has caused various unintended consequences, including life-threatening floods, mudslides, and landslides across the state. One notable incident involved three multimillion-dollar mansions perched on the edge of a cliff after a storm eroded the land beneath them.

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