Project management for in-house SEO teams: 6 best practices

In-house SEO teams are faced with a constant flow of projects, ranging from competitor analysis to website migrations. Without effective project management, handling these tasks can be overwhelming. This article delves into the essential elements of successful project management for in-house SEO teams to help manage the workload efficiently while aligning with broader business objectives and focusing on enhancing organic search performance.

### Where do these projects come from?
Imagine a dashboard for an SEO project within a multi-faceted company. At first glance, it may seem chaotic with tasks like competitor analysis, technical maintenance, product launches, and website migrations all mixed in. However, each change to a website can significantly impact its organic performance. The key is to transform this complex dashboard into a strategic one.

### 1. Define the ‘what’
Effective communication is crucial for in-house SEO teams to understand the plans of other departments and how they may impact their work. Scheduling regular meetings, documenting discussions, and creating clear scopes of work are essential to ensure projects are well-understood and executed efficiently.

### 2. Question the purpose
Every project should have a clear purpose that aligns with broader business goals. By challenging the purpose using methods like SMART goals and the “5 Whys” approach, teams can prioritize tasks effectively and ensure they contribute meaningfully to the company’s objectives.

### 3. Prioritize correctly
Having a clear prioritization matrix is vital for managing a continuous pipeline of projects. By considering factors like global impact, dependencies on other teams, time limitations, expected ROI, and stakeholder involvement, teams can categorize projects into the right priority levels.

### Project management tools
Tools like Asana, Trello, Monday, Jira, Google Sheets, and Excel can help in managing projects efficiently. It’s essential to consider which tools other teams are using, the ability to log necessary information, create repetitive tasks, generate reports, and allow easy submission of projects by colleagues.

### Identify the stakeholders
With various projects involving different stakeholders, it’s crucial to tailor communication to the relevant audience. Identifying stakeholders and understanding their roles in decision-making can help in effective project management.

### Adopt agility
Incorporating agile methodologies can enhance flexibility and efficiency in managing projects. Creating high-level roadmaps, setting weekly sprints, and ensuring daily stand-ups or task reviews can help in staying on track with project timelines while accommodating changing requirements.

### The art and science of SEO project management
Project management for in-house SEO teams requires a balance of art and science to guide the online presence of a company strategically. By following solid project management principles, teams can navigate the influx of projects effectively and achieve success in the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

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