Millennial Couple Bought $535,000 Flat in Singapore, Turned It Into Artsy Home

In the year since Imran Ismail and Fadzeera Fadzully moved into their five-room apartment, they’ve transformed the space into an artsy, industrial-inspired home. In Singapore, 80% of the resident population lives in public housing built by the Housing Development Board known as HDB flats. Most young Singaporeans apply for a BTO (Build-to-Order) flat. Finding their dream home on the open market was easier than they expected. The couple’s 1,290-square-foot HDB flat in Bedok took about five viewings before they found their forever home on the open market instead of waiting for a BTO flat. The location is close to their parents’ homes, who are neighbors. Even though the apartment was already 30 years old, the couple saw the potential in the space. They paid $720,000 Singapore dollars to buy the apartment in late 2022. After a renovation that took about four months, they moved in early this year and made the home reflect their personalities in an organic way. They like using loose items instead of built-in things because it allows for freedom to switch things up or move things around. Ready to renovate your dream home in Singapore? The couple advises you to let your personality shine through. Imran and Fadzeera have no plans to change much about their dream home, except maybe replacing the couch. Got a home renovation story? Get in touch at

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