Meta ad error causes campaigns to overspend by thousands

Meta issued an apology to advertisers after an Ads Delivery outage caused campaigns to exceed their budgets by “thousands.” The tech giant confirmed that services are now back to normal and expressed regret for any inconvenience caused to advertisers. Affected parties are now waiting for refunds, which are expected to take between four and eight weeks.

If you were affected by the Ads Delivery outage, you’ll need to apply for a refund. However, receiving payment is not guaranteed, so there are specific steps you can take to increase the likelihood of a full refund.

Barry Hott, a Growth and Performance Marketing Consultant, recommended that affected advertisers report the issue to their Meta representatives and provide a detailed complaint to increase the chances of a refund. He shared a step-by-step guide for raising a complaint that includes reporting to Meta support and outlining the issues with campaigns’ overspending.

After following these steps, advertisers will need to select “claim refund for ad spend” from the menu and detail the issues encountered. It is recommended to include screenshots and any performance issues experienced. Furthermore, it is essential to be polite and answer support questions considerately as they may not be familiar with Meta ads and the outage.

Hott also advised to provide a realistic estimate of the amount lost and suggested not being greedy when stating the amount requested for a refund. Various advertisers have reported substantial losses due to the Meta Ads Delivery outage, with many claiming thousands of dollars in losses. Meta has not issued an official comment regarding the issue.

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