Instagram pilots background editing tool and in-stream ordering

Instagram has recently started testing two new features for brands and content creators. One of these features is called Backdrop, which is an AI background editing tool specifically designed for Stories. It has the ability to automatically detect the main focus of a photo or allow users to manually choose the focus. Once the focus is set, the background can be removed and replaced with a new background from a carousel of options or by creating a custom background with a prompt. When the Stories are shared, the prompt becomes a sticker that others can also use.

The other feature that Instagram is testing is called Get Orders, which allows for in-stream ordering for feed posts and Stories. This means that content creators and brands can create a product, link it to their story, and receive orders directly through Instagram. By utilizing this feature, they can potentially drive sales without the need to set up an Instagram Shop.

Screenshots of these new features have been shared on Threads, where the location of the new Backdrop feature in Instagram’s sticker menu is shown. The Get Orders feature, as well as the potential benefits for marketers, has also been discussed on Threads.

In conclusion, these new features are poised to provide marketers with the ability to create more engaging and interactive content, as well as drive sales directly through Instagram. For further details and tips on creating effective Instagram ad creatives, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

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