Harry Potter actor, Michael Gambon handed over his £1.5million estate to his wife and left nothing to his lover/ mother of his teenage sons

The late Irish actor, Sir Michael Gambon, left his £1.5 million estate to his wife, Lady Anne Gambon, and excluded his long-time lover and mother of his two teenage sons from his will. Despite dating set designer Phillipa Hart, who is 25 years his junior, Michael Gambon chose to leave his entire fortune to Lady Anne, with his son, Fergus, listed as an executor.

According to reports, Fergus would inherit the estate if Lady Anne had passed before her husband. The will, signed in 2016, also revealed that Michael Gambon’s sons, Tom and William, were left £10,000 each and received a trophy as part of their inheritance.

Phillipa Hart, who had openly lived with Michael Gambon, did not receive any part of the estate in the will. When approached for comment, both Hart and Fergus declined to speak on the matter. Sir Michael passed away at the age of 82, with his wife and son by his side.

The relationship between Michael Gambon and Phillipa Hart began in 2000 and continued for two decades, with Gambon splitting his time between Hart and Lady Anne. Despite the complexities of their personal lives, the details of Sir Michael Gambon’s will have brought to light the intricate dynamics of his relationships and the distribution of his wealth.

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