Google will issue advertisers credit refunds after overcharging error

Google has announced that they will be issuing refunds to advertisers who were overcharged due to a technical error. This issue affected a small number of campaigns within Display and Video 360, which ran from July through December last year. If your campaigns were impacted, be sure to get in touch with Google to start the credit refund process.

Email notifications were sent out to affected advertisers, notifying them of the overcharges resulting from the technical glitch. Even though the issue has been resolved, Google plans to issue credits to compensate for the overcharges. To gather more information, affected advertisers can reach out to their sales teams.

According to a Google spokesperson, “We detected a bug that resulted in a limited number of partners being overcharged for a small number of impressions on Display & Video 360… We resolved this issue in December 2023, and yesterday, notified impacted advertisers that we have issued them credits for the overcharged amount.”

Additionally, Meta has also apologized to advertisers after an Ads Delivery outage resulted in campaigns overspending thousands. Refunds for this issue are expected to take four to six weeks to process.

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