Google unveils major SPN update as it removes opt-out option

Google is rolling out changes to give advertisers more control over ad placement within the Search Partner Network. Starting March 4, advertisers using Performance Max will have access to impression-level placement reporting on Search Partner Network sites. This includes the ability to exclude certain ad placements at the account level, which will now apply to the Search Partner Network, YouTube, and display ads.

These changes come after an Adalytics report accused Google of placing search ads on inappropriate non-Google websites through the Search Partner Network. Google has denied these claims, stating that Adalytics has a history of publishing inaccurate reports. Before the report, all Pmax campaigns were automatically opted into the Search Partner Network, but now advertisers have more control over where their ads are placed.

Google temporarily allowed Pmax users to opt out of search partner inventory until March 1, but this option is now being removed. Advertisers can now have unprecedented insights and control over ad placement within the Search Partner Network, addressing concerns about ads appearing on inappropriate content.

The Search Partner Network consists of websites and apps that work with Google to display search ads. Advertisers are opted into this network because Google claims it leads to better click and conversion rates. Adalytics is a crowd-sourced platform that aims to optimize advertising performance in the digital landscape.

For more information on Adalytics’ investigation, you can read their report ‘Does a lack of transparency create brand safety concerns for search advertisers?’

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