Google to update Local Services Ads verification process

Google has announced changes to the verification process for Local Services Ads, specifically for law services, starting March 4. Reports suggest that a broader update is in progress to combat spam in the program.

The upcoming change will require professionals like lawyers to undergo identity checks in addition to license verification. Business owners and senior partners must also pass identity checks to maintain continuity in their ads. The update aims to protect consumers from imposters.

The process will be rolled out gradually, starting in smaller states before moving to larger ones. Providers have received emails with instructions on completing the verification process.

Affected advertisers will receive a notification seven days before the identity verification process begins. Failure to pass the identity check within six days will result in ads being removed from search results.

Google has started sending verification update emails after reports of significant changes to Local Services Ads. The new process aims to prevent spam and protect businesses from impersonator scams, improving campaign reach and ROI.

Google spokesperson stated that the verification process is being launched for legal professionals, gradually rolling out in 2024 to protect against impersonators and ensure consumer safety. This initiative is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance protection for consumers and advertisers within Local Services Ads.

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