Google expands generative AI capabilities for ACAs

Google has broadened its generative artificial intelligence (AI) features, making them available to all English-speaking advertisers in the U.S. and UK. This will allow advertisers to use AI to create ad campaigns, which can provide instant ideas and save significant time.

Automatically created assets (ACAs) is a campaign-level option that advertisers can activate to automatically generate assets like headlines and descriptions. These assets enhance the content of responsive search ads.

In some instances, generative AI is used to create assets that align with what users are searching for, ensuring that the content generated is relevant.

When an ad is eligible to appear for a search query, the system combines both the assets created by advertisers and the automatically generated assets to serve the best possible combination.

According to Ginny Marvin, a Google Ads liaison officer, generative AI is used to improve the relevance of assets to the search query and the predicted performance of search ads in Search and Performance Max campaigns. ACAs are meant to supplement, rather than replace, existing headlines and descriptions.

For more information, refer to Google’s guide on automatically created assets.

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