Google Expands Gemini AI Across Its Product Suite

Google has announced the widespread integration of Gemini across its various products and services, marking a significant stride in making AI accessible in everyday applications. Gemini is Google’s advanced system that has been shown to outperform humans in tests for language, image, audio, and video understanding.

The largest Gemini model, Ultra 1.0, scored higher than human experts in evaluations of knowledge and problem-solving abilities across 57 diverse subject areas. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, shared in a blog post, “Today we’re taking our next step and bringing Ultra to our products and the world.”

One way users can access Gemini is through Google’s experimental chatbot ‘Bard’, which will now be known as Gemini. A more advanced version called ‘Gemini Advanced’ will be available initially through Google’s new ‘Google One AI Premium’ subscription.

Gemini Advanced leverages the full capabilities of Ultra to provide reasoning, generate content, and enable creative collaboration. It is designed to act as a personalized tutor or aid users in planning business strategies. The premium subscription will cost $9.99 per month and bundle top AI features from Google into a single offer, including expanded cloud storage.

In addition to the chatbot, Gemini models will power AI capabilities in Google’s popular products. Gemini will soon be integrated into Workspace, Google’s suite of collaboration and productivity apps. It will also help developers code faster, improve productivity, and strengthen security for Google Cloud customers through AI. More details about what Gemini will enable for developers and Cloud customers will be shared by Google soon.

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