Google Ads: Google announces Misrepresentation policy update

Google Ads is revising its Misrepresentation policy on unacceptable business practices. Starting in March, this policy will now include efforts to deceive users into providing money or information through impersonation or false claims of affiliation or endorsement by a public figure, brand, or organization.

Google will start enforcing this new policy in March for advertisers outside of France and in April for advertisers in France. If any ads are found to be in violation, Google will suspend the Google Ads accounts without warning, and advertisers will be prohibited from advertising on Google in the future.

It is essential to take corrective action immediately if any ads are found to violate this policy to prevent the suspension of the account or a permanent ban from Google advertising. Google takes policy violations very seriously and encourages advertisers to review their ads to ensure compliance.

For more information, you can read Google’s full announcement on the official Google Ads support page.

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