AI Can Give Career Advice but It’s Best Paired With a Manager’s Input

In a recent survey, it was found that half of Gen Zers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and social media provide better career advice than their bosses. Such an attitude may reflect poorly on many managers, who may be either overworked or simply not good at their jobs. Thus, while AI can be a valuable tool for career guidance, it should not be the sole source of advice.

The survey also revealed that 62% of Gen Z workers expressed a desire to have conversations about their career path, but often found their bosses too busy to engage in such discussions. This might explain why young workers turn to chatbots and social media channels for career-related queries.

It’s important to note that employees who feel supported by their managers are seven times more likely to have made significant career progress in the past year than those who did not receive such support.

While it is understandable that workers rely on technology for skill-building, there is a concern about excessive dependence on tech. It’s crucial for employers to ensure that employees maintain a healthy balance between utilizing technological resources and engaging in meaningful conversations with their managers.

Finally, the survey also indicated that learning and development opportunities at work are valued by younger employees even more than promotions or title changes. This highlights the importance of investing in employee growth and development within organizations.

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