Google Ads Shortcuts For Better Results With Less Effort

If you don’t want PPC management to take up too much of your time, here are some handy Google Ads shortcuts and features to help you use your time more efficiently and get better results.

The Google Ads Editor has a feature that allows you to remove duplicate keywords which can save you time when managing your account. You also have the option to choose specific word order to define duplicate keywords according to your needs.

Negative keyword lists are useful for organizing irrelevant keywords. Create lists of irrelevant keywords and apply them to all campaigns that way you can save time optimizing your accounts.

The Label function in Google Ads is great for account organization and time-saving, especially for routine testing or comparing performance to turn things on/off.

To streamline the ad creation and testing process, you can use the Experiments feature in Google Ads. This feature allows you to set up the percentage split of your audience, which makes it easier for you to see if there’s a significant change in performance.

You can also use Notes to log important account changes and analyze past performance. Adding notes to your account history will save you time when analyzing performance data.

Adding audiences in observation mode is another key feature that allows you to gather data and gain insights efficiently. It’s important to test different audience segments against each other to understand who’s interacting with your ads.

The Insights and Recommendations tabs in Google Ads are a huge time-saver to help you identify changes in performance and provide recommendations for your account.

Overall, the common theme among most of these suggestions is automation. Take advantage of the tools Google Ads provides, test its automated features, and take the time to create things that will make ongoing management a lot easier. This can save you time and make your PPC management more efficient.

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