5 Takeaways From Google’s Revised SEO Starter Guide

Google has recently overhauled its SEO Starter Guide, offering five ways to create a focused webpage that builds trust and a positive user experience.

1. Topic-Rich Links
Google emphasizes the importance of being useful to readers, indicating user interactions as a strong ranking influence in its algorithm. They’ve introduced a patent, Navboost, that describes how user interactions create a document-level score to help sites rank better. Google now recommends creating topic-rich internal links to further enhance the user experience.

2. Orderly Page Structure
The new SEO Starter Guide has significantly reduced in length and heading elements compared to the old version, resulting in a more cohesive and logically flowing document.

3. Topic-Focused
The updated version is more focused on the main topics, providing essential information while allowing readers to follow contextually relevant links for more details.

4. Concise Is Sometimes Better Than Comprehensive
With the advent of mobile devices, content is now consumed on a need-to-know basis. Google recognized this and crafted the new webpage to be comprehensive without being excessively long.

5. Similar Image Elements
The images on the new webpage share similar colors and design, creating a more cohesive and professional look that inspires trust.

In conclusion, the takeaways from the updated SEO Starter Guide are to create topic-rich links, maintain an orderly page structure, stay tightly focused on the topic, understand the value of being concise, and use similar image elements for a professional presentation.

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