We don’t need soldiers, we will chase killer herdsmen from south-west

Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, has returned to Nigeria with a mission to drive out “killer herdsmen” from the south-west region. Speaking to a gathering in Igboho town, Oyo state, Igboho emphasized the need for the people of the south-west to free themselves from the threats posed by these herdsmen.

Addressing the crowd, Igboho urged unity in taking control of the security situation in the south-west without relying on external assistance. He highlighted the encroachment on their land and the violence inflicted by these herdsmen, stressing the importance of reclaiming their territory for agricultural activities. Igboho emphasized the collaboration with elders to ensure the safety and security of their land.

In a passionate plea, Igboho declared, “We need to come together. We should take charge of the security of the south-west. We don’t need to wait for anybody or the government. After driving out these intruders, we can resume farming and rebuilding our communities.” It is time for the people of the south-west to unite and protect their heritage from external threats.

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