Two women drop lawsuit against Trey Songz over alleged s3xual assault at 2015 House Party

Two women have decided to drop their lawsuit against Trey Songz over allegations of sexual assault at a house party in 2015. The lawsuit, filed in October 2023, accused the American singer of assaulting the two women, known as Jane Doe A and Jane Doe B. The women claimed they met Songz at one of his concerts in 2015 and were invited to his home for a birthday party. They alleged that after arriving at the party, they were pressured to drink from unsealed bottles of liquor and felt extremely intoxicated despite drinking only modest amounts. The women said they passed out in a bedroom and woke up to Songz forcing himself on them. One of the women claimed she tried to resist, but Songz refused. Songz allegedly demanded they take a shower together after the incident, and when they refused, he kicked them out of his home. The lawsuit sought unspecified damages, but it has now been dismissed without prejudice, meaning it could be refiled in the future. This development comes after Songz recently won a separate lawsuit where a woman accused him of pulling down her bikini top at a pool party and exposing her, but the case was thrown out by a federal judge due to being brought past the statute of limitations.

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