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3 new YouTube features including live stream product tagging

Hey there! Have you heard about the latest YouTube updates? The platform has introduced some exciting new features that are designed to benefit brands and creators. Let’s take a look at three of the most noteworthy additions.

First up, we have product tagging in live streams. This feature allows creators in the YouTube Shopping Affiliate program to tag products from participating merchants during live streams, videos, and Shorts. This means that viewers can easily shop for featured products directly from the content they are watching. The ability to track product impressions and click data for their channel is also a valuable tool for creators.

Next, YouTube has launched a post-only feed for both Android and iOS devices. Users can access this feed to view posts from channels they’ve engaged with in the past, as well as recommended posts curated by YouTube. This dedicated feed could provide brands with increased exposure and engagement, particularly among users who have previously shown interest in similar content.

Last but not least, creators can now upload videos and Shorts from their mobile devices with greater ease. This streamlined upload process allows for more efficient sharing of content, ultimately saving creators valuable time. By simplifying the workflow, creators can focus on other essential tasks.

Overall, these updates are aimed at enhancing conversions, expanding reach, and making content sharing more convenient for creators. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out the YouTube vlog for a deeper dive into these new features.

What do you think of these new YouTube updates? Share your thoughts with us!

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